how to get rid of chapped lips permanently at home.

chapped lips treatment

Hello pretty ladies.we struggle the most in winter is dry painful and chapped lips.Apart from looking unattractive, chapped lips hurts and many times bleed as well.This post be all about how to get rid of chapped lips permanently at home.I will also let you know some of the additional tips  in the end what I use mostly to avoid super dry and painful lips and to be winter ready with soft and supple lips.

chapped lips treatment

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Causes of chapped lips:

Our lips do not have oil glands in it and are unable to keep itself moisturized naturally so if we do not do proper care we end up suffering with dry lips because lips totally depends on us to provide moisture to it.

  • Dehydration : If we do not take enough fluid everyday we can become dehydrated and it can cause dry and chapped lips.
  • sun damage : Going out in sun without sunscreen can cause damage to your lips so always opt for a lip balm with at least  15 SPF in it.
  • Excessive licking of lips : We end up licking out lips when we feel its dry but in spite of treating it makes the situation worse by drawing more moisture from our lips when saliva dries.
  • smoking and drinking : Smoking and drinking can also cause dry chapped and dark lips so avoid them as much as you can


How to prevent it ?

Is there some ways we can prevent dry and chapped lips? Yes there are so it is always better to avoid the problem rather then treating it when it comes.So do follows these tips to avoid dry lips.

  • Don’t lick your lips : Yes i know i know you get the strong urge to lick your lips whenever it feels dry but trust me it is not going to help you instead it will make your lips dry further once the saliva dries out leading to more dryness and discomfort. So next time when you get urge to lick your lips remember it is going to worsen the situation.
  • Use a lip balm : Use a lip balm with SPF every now and then to keep your lips moisturized and also to form a protective layer around your lips to prevent any outside damage done by cold air or harsh weather.
  • Use sun screen on your lips as well : We most of the time neglect this part.So remember next time when you are buying your favorite lip balm ,make sure it has at least 15 SPF in it and apply before going out in the sun.That way you will protect your lips from harsh UV damage.
  • Water : Yes any beauty regime can not be completed without this.Drink more and more water(8-10 glasses) everyday.If you cant remember then set a reminder for that (Only this works for me) but make sure you taking enough fluid down to keep yourself hydrated.


Ways to treat them ?

Exfoliate regularly : This is one of the most important tip in keeping your lip health good. Gently exfoliating will remove all the dead cells off your lips giving you brand new pink lips which becomes easy to take care of by applying some good quality lip balm or moisturizer on it.

  • you can simply mix some honey and granulated sugar together to make a thick paste and apply it all over your lips and massage gently in circular motion for some time till it remove all those dry flaky skin off your lips.
  • What I prefer to do is every morning after brushing my teeth I brush my lips also gently back and forth to remove dead cells for a minute.For best result you can apply thick lip balm or petroleum jelly every night. So in the morning all the flakes become soft and easy to remove.

Wash with plain water ,pat dry and apply your favorite lip balm.this is my everyday go to routine for my lips and trust me it works wonder.

Honey : Honey has moisturizing properties in it so helps in treating chapped lips.simply apply some organic honey all over your lips multiple times a day .It will treat your lips well making them soft and supple.

Ghee /Clarified butter : Ghee worked well for me when my lips are extremely chapped due to fever or any underlying condition so you can use ghee to treat your dry chapped and painful lips.Simply apply a little all over your lips several times a day for few days and you will see the result after few application.

Aloe Vera gel : Aloe Vera gel can treat your lips well if you have got cracks on your lips due to severe dryness.As Aloe Vera has healing properties in it So apply some fresh aloe Vera gel on your lips several times till your lips is healed.It doesn’t taste good if goes inside your mouth but it does works well in treating your dry flaky and painful lips.

Milk cream : Milk cream has moisturizing properties in it due to presence of a lot of fat in it also this is being used from ancient times by our pretty ladies to treat dry lips specially in winter .We have grown up applying milk cream every morning on our skin and lips in the winter to keep our skin and lips super soft and moisturized.

Petroleum jelly : Petroleum jelly gives instant relief from chapped lips.Also when applied regularly it keeps dryness at bay.So apply whenever you can or every night before going to bed.I am sure it will heal those dry lippies pretty fast. petroleum jelly is the most cost effective solution to treat dry lips at home and it works wonder.

coconut oil : coconut oil has natural moisturizing properties in it so it does help in treating  dry and chapped lips at home .Simply keep applying some pure coconut oil on your lips multiple times a day and it will heal  your skin can also apply it daily before going to bed every night and I am sure you are going to wake up with soft and supple lips


Few additional tips

  • Apply mustard oil every night in your naval before you sleep.It will keep your lips hydrated and will remove pigmentation to impart that pink color to your lips naturally.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking as much as possible to get rid of dark colored lips
  • Cut down on your coffee a little (I know its difficult) to get soft and pink lips naturally over the time
  • Drink plenty of water everyday to keep your lips and skin hydrated always.
  • keep applying lip balm every 1-2 hour to keep your lips moisturized.
  •  If you are allergic to certain lip product do not use it.

If you are able to treat it at home with these tips then great otherwise consult your dermatologist for further treatment.

So stay happy always guys.leave your comment here if you liked reading this post.Thanks for stopping by.

Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Preeti




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