Winter CTM Routine For Dry Skin

Winter CTM Routine For Dry Skin 1

Hi beautiful,How are you doing? Must be doing great.Today I will be discussing here the best Winter CTM Routine for dry skin.As We know that a great canvas is must for a great painting, same applies for our skin too.

Most of us know what CTM routine is and its importance in our daily skin care but even if you don’t ,No worries we are here to help you.But promise me you will be following it strictly.Won’t you??

CTM Routine is nothing but Cleansing ,Toning and Moisturizing. This is the most basic skincare that you need to follow everyday to keep your skin healthy and glowing.Your skin will be grateful to you  for that .Trust me it will be 🙂 No kidding 🙂 At least you will thank yourself for following this.

Okay enough of convincing .Shall we start??

Step 1 of CTM Routine for Dry Skin – Cleansing

Winter CTM Routine For Dry Skin 2

Cleansing is the first step in CTM routine which removes all the dirt and grime off your face.More or less all of us follow this part at least but make sure since you have dry skin always opt for mild and soap free cleansers or face wash which will cleanse you face without making it dry further.

You can use one of the following cleansers.Both of them are very mild and apt for dry skin

  • Cataphil gentle cleanser
  • Lakme gentle and deep pore cleanser.

Apply cleanser on your face and neck and massage gently for a minute then wipe off with cotton or you can choose to rinse it off with plain water.

If you want to use a face wash for cleaning again mind it ,It need to soap free and gentle which not only washes your face but keeps it moisturized without making your face too dry.

Once you are done with this step -You can move to step 2

Step 2 of CTM Routine for Dry Skin – Toning

Winter CTM Routine For Dry Skin 5

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Toning comes after you have finished cleansing.It basically removes any leftover cleanser on your face or other impurity and helps in minimizing open pores.

If you are thinking that you are a dry skinned beauty and you can skip on toner let me tell you you should not skip your toner at least now onward. Use one specially formulated for dry skin.

There are lots of toners available in the market but you need to choose a hydrating toner.You can use VLCC Rose Water toner or even simple rose water from gulabari or any other brand will do.

Take some toner on cotton pad and apply it on your entire face.It shoots your irritated skin and helps balancing moisture.Alternatively if you have a spray bottle you can spray it all over your face as well.

Step 3 of CTM Routine for Dry Skin – Moisturizing

Winter CTM Routine For Dry Skin 3

This is the 3rd and last step of your oh so CTM routine.This is the most important part for people with dry skin.You need to choose your moisturizer wisely in winters.

Always look for below  ingredients as they have natural moisturizing properties alternatively you can apply these directly if you have it.

  • Glycerin
  • Jojoba oil
  • Shea butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Olive oil

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Apply moisturizer when your skin is still damp as it will seal moisture and form a protective layer around your skin which will be able to fight harsh winter weather providing you soft ,supple and younger looking skin.

Follow this regularly for 15 days and I bet you will tell me that your skin is far better than before.So take care and love your skin.Stay happy and stay healthy.

If you liked reading through Winter CTM Routine For Dry Skin do leave your feedback in comment section I would be happy to hear you back.Also don’t forget to share your own CTM routine with us.

With Love,

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  1. I have such dry skin, especially since I live in the desert! This is a great skincare routine. I literally couldn’t survive without my moisturizer

  2. This is the exact routine I follow, especially when I’m not wearing makeup. Occasionally I use masks and scrubs. It’s great you’re spreading this message because your skin really thanks you if you have such a routine.

  3. Finding a good moisturizer is so important. I used to get really dry skin in the winter too, not anymore because I live in warm places, but it’s important to know what your skin is like and what is necessary.

  4. I love moisturizers that do not feel “heavy.” I think this CTN routine would do wonders for my skin. Thank you for your honest review.

  5. Great tutorial for a skincare routine. My routine is more basic than this one, as I’ve always found following all of these steps would be time-consuming. However, I absolutely agree that it is necessary to take 15 days a few times a year to freshen up our skin. I loved your post and thank you for sharing it.

  6. What a great skin care routine you have shared to us. I do have somewhat dry skin when winters are at their peak and it becomes utmost important to me to keep it hydrated and moisturized. Definitely gonna try your complete routine.

  7. I get sch dry sin especially in the harmattan so what I basically do is after cleansing I go in straight to moisturize and I basically just mix my normal moisturizer with oils like olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil in order to prevent my skin from getting dry and keeps me glowing through out the day. And my Chapstick is always at hand for my lips.

  8. As my daughter is entering her teen years she is definitely interested in all of that good stuff. I will have to show her this post. I wish I knew more about skin cleansers and application to help her out.

  9. This winter, I use Cetaphil to cleanse my face. I usually don’t use a toner but, when I do, I apply my homemade rosewater. I also use VCO as my nighttime moisturizer.

    1. You can use a foaming face wash for cleaning and always prefer a light and non greasy oil free moisturizer .But CTM is must for oily skin as just need to choose product as per your skin type.

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