Go green : Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

stress relive with green tea

Hello Pretty ladies,How are you??    Must be good right? Today I am here to discuss the benefit of green tea in our daily lives.Do you drink green tea?

Yes ? That’s great !!!

No?  no problem you should start drinking after reading this

The kind of lifestyle we are leading now a days is very inappropriate and stressful.Most of the times we choose junk food over healthy ones .Those numerous cups of coffee and that easy peasy bite of burger feels great at the moment but mind it,it has very adverse effect on our health .

When I heard the goodness of green tea I started including it instead of my regular coffee. It doesn’t taste heavenly like our favorite coffee but trust me guys I am ready to compromise on taste a little for the kind of benefit it has to offer.

I thought let me tell you its benefit so that you can start indulging yourself in this magical potion as well.

So Shall We Start …:) 🙂

Weight Loss: 

Green Tea for weight loss

The first benefit I am going to tell is weight loss.Well I really wanted to shed few kilos after my pregnancy and it really helped me in getting back to my pre-pregnancy shape .I think you are exited now !! 😀 😀

Being overweight is the common issue of today’s world.Because instead of going for the healthy food and lifestyle we always opt for  junk food and drinks .Green tea helps us  reduce body fat and bloating, It also flushes out toxins from our body and suppressing  food cravings. Which in turn leads to weight loss.So we should always include 3-4 cups of green tea everyday in our weight loss journey.

Reduces Stress:

stress relive with green tea

Most of us suffer from some kind of stress in our daily life but worry not ,Theanine  present in Green tea is having relaxing property and it can calm you down .If you drink 2-3 cups of green tea in a day it will help to get rid of the stress and soothe you mind.So what are you waiting for..go girl grab your green tea .

Treats Bad Breath:

This is one of the embarrassing problem many of us face at some time of our life.Green tea helps treating bad breath as well .All you need is

  • Wash your mouth with concentrate green tea .It prevents odor causing bacteria to form in our mouth and hence its freshens up our breath.

Reduces Puffiness of eyes :

Green tea bags for eye puffiness
The caffeine present in green tea shrinks the blood vessel under our eyes and that’s why reduces puffiness and swelling which in turn eliminates dark  circle around eye areas.

So do not through your used tea bags.Keep them in fridge and anytime you feel puffiness in your eyes just put those cool  tea bags on each of your eyes and you you are done.It feels very soothing as well.

Soothes sunburns:

All of us get sun burn problem sometime or the other.So next time when you forget to apply sun screen on some of the portions and left  with sunburn.Do not worry.Open your fridge and compress the affected area with refrigerated tea bags.It helps in reliving the pain as well as it reduces the redness of those areas.

Moisturizes dry skin:

Take cool green tea into a clean spray bottle and spray all over your faces and neck.It helps in removing impurities from your face , retains moisture and leaves your face with a healthy glow.It works as a great at home toner as well and reduces the large pores on the face.

Shinny Hair:

Green tea for hair

Yes,You can just brew one or two green tea bag in boiling water and leave it to cool down for an hour or overnight.Use this solution to rinse your hair after shampoo.

Leave it for 15 minutes than rinse with clean water and condition your hair properly.It adds shine to our hair and make our dull hair lustrous.

You can also use black tea instead of green tea.the procedure will remain same.you only need to replace green tea bags  with black one. 🙂 🙂 as simple as that 🙂

Face scrub:

Green Tea for weight loss


We all know that scrubbing our face is a  essential skin care routine and if we get to do it with a natural ingredients that just sounds awesome.What you need to do is ,

  • Mix a table spoon of green tea leaves with a table spoon of sugar and some water to mix.Use this  mixture in place of your regular scrubber.
  • Apply all over your face and neck and massage in circular motion for 5 minutes.Rinse it with water and pat dry your skin.
  • It gives awesome glow to your skin that too without any harm as its total natural 🙂 You can also store the mixture in the fridge if you want and you can use it later.

Use these tips and let me know your experience in the comment.If you have any question please write it in comment too,I will  be more than happy to revert back. 🙂 🙂

See you soon.



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